Christmas 2013

Last posting dates for Christmas for BFPO / HM Forces Mail - Christmas 2012If you’ve  a loved one in the HM Forces and wish to send a Christmas card or gift via BFPO, please see the last posting dates for BFPO info to ensure they arrive in time.

Last Posting Dates for Christmas 2012 – BFPO and HM Forces Mail

Airmail to Operational BFPO’s:  Friday 30th November 2012

Airmail to Static BFPO’s:  Friday 14th November 2012

The BFPO (British Forces Post Office) do an excellent job and will send you card and gifts to the armed forces wherever they may be in the world.    How to address your letter or parcel for BFPO addresses:


1. Use the following format when addressing your mail:

Service No Rank Name
Operation Name (If applicable)

For example:
1234567 Pte Joe Bloggs
1st Battalion
Operation HERRICK
BFPO 772

2. Ensure you write a return address on the reverse of the mail item.

3. Write the address clearly in capital letters, this will aid in the automatic sortation equipment reading the address first time and speed your mail arrival.


1. Do not write any other address details after the BFPO number on the address, as this can lead to mail being diverted to the wrong BFPO location.

For example, the following address will lead to the item being redirected to BFPO 12, Belize:

1234567 Pte Joe Bloggs
1st BattalionOperation Telic
BFPO 641
Op Telic 12

The automatic sortation equipment will read the last line of the address and direct the item to BFPO 12 in Belize.

2. Do not include the destination country in the address. BFPO numbers are similar to a UK postcode whereby the sortation software simply reads the BFPO number and sorts to the appropriate location.

3. Do not use the BFPO headquarters address for onward transmission to the recipient. Royal Mail sortation software will recognise a BFPO address and automatically direct the item to the BFPO sorting office in North London. The item will then be sent to the Returned Letters Branch, if no return address has been supplied the item will be held for a period of 3 months before being destroyed.

4. Do not write any other information on the front of the mail item as this can lead to the item not being automatically sorted and will delay the onward trasmission to the required destination.

5. Do not send items to unnamed individuals i.e. ‘To a soldier on the front line’. The free post service for Op KIPION/Op HERRICK and the yearly Christmas Free Post Service to Operations is only available for friends and family of troops serving on operations.

6. The new UK non-geographic post codes are for on-line use ONLY and are not part of the mail address; and therefore should not be used as part of the normal mail address. All UK mail sorting processes are automated and set to only read BFPO numbers; any alteration to the standard address may cause the mail item to be delayed.

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